Sales Representative



Junior college




1-3 years


Position statement

  1. There are old customers to follow up and mentors to guide.
  2. The salary of this position is in the form of basic salary plus high commission.The minimum wage system is implemented in the first 6 months of employment to give new employees sufficient buffer time.
  3. Responsible for the expansion and sales of the company's LED driver power products in the field of LED display.
  4. Responsible for collecting and sorting out market and customer information, and developing customer resources.
  5. Responsible for the domestic market sales work, implement and complete the sales plan, complete the sales process from order to payment.
  6. Provide and update the regional market analysis and marketing strategy report regularly according to the domestic sales situation.(Including regional market demand products, sales price, competitors, sales channels, marketing progress, project revenue, etc)

Position requirements

  1. Strong ambition and good work ethic.
  2. College degree or above, major is not limited.Excellent fresh graduates with engineering background are acceptable.
  3. More than 1 year sales experience in the industry, with successful customer development experience.
  4. Excellent market development and organizational coordination ability, good at capturing market opportunities.
  5. Outgoing, proactive, diligent, full of passion, with a belief in winning, accept win-win values, accept short-term business trip.