Power Supply R&D Engineer



Junior college




1-3 years


Position statement

  1. Responsible for the schematic diagram and PCB design of LED drive power, and independently conduct performance debugging and testing
  2. Sorted out and filed related technical data, followed up trial production and mass production, and solved related technical problems in the production process
  3. Collaborate with the marketing department to deliver pre-sales and post-sales technical assistance.

Position requirements

  1. Full-time College degree or above is requiredbachelor degree or above is preferred.
  2. Proficient in electronic components, magnetic components design and selection.
  3. At least 3 years working experience in power supply R&D. Familiar with LLC and PFC topology, experience in power supply projects above 400W is preferred;
  4. Proficient in schematic &PCB design software, office software, etc.
  5. Requires a strong sense of teamwork, work conscientiously, responsible, enterprising, new things have a strong learning ability.