Ed Sheeran on tour in Dublin

At the heart of Ed Sheeran's tour stage design is to make his performance clearly visible to the entire audience. The main stage is set in the center of the stadium with a 360° suspension design. The Vanish Transparent Screen (V8T) was used for the first time to form a giant cylindrical ice screen, resembling a large "floating saucer". Four curved sound equipment like the tips of horns surround it, and fireworks erupt from it to shock the audience. Sheeran was surrounded by audiences on all sides, his performance was clearly visible from every location, and all kinds of fantastical visual designs were presented on the screen.


The tour stage uses a 360° suspension design, and the LED screen surrounding the middle of the stage can be controlled by the Wiya of six masts nearby. When the surround screen comes down, it covers the entire center stage, and when it rises, it represents the official start of the performance.There is also a clever design in the mast part, each mast will have seven small surround leds, and each mast is suspended in the shape of a "guitar pick" screen. The surrounding design concept allows each audience to clearly see the enthusiastic stage performance.